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In many ways, the beauty of Arizona is embodied by its most famous natural landmark, the Grand Canyon. Like the Grand Canyon itself, Arizona is vast and ancient, a panorama of stunning color and fascinating geology, with a history defined by American Indians and larger-than-life adventurers.

But there is so much more to the Grand Canyon State than the Grand Canyon itself. Discover the possibilities now.

Only in Arizona


Meet the Maker

Crafters, builders, makers—their work tells stories about a place inasmuch as the place influences their work. Consider how the unique mix of...

Places to Stay

Surprising Places to Camp Your RV in Arizona

Whether you’re piling into a spacious RV with all of the bells and whistles or a hip camper van with a moon roof, overnighting on four wheels is...

Explore More


Find beauty and inspiration in Arizona's diverse communities and landscapes.

Outdoor Adventure

Endless adventure awaits you in Arizona: your ideal place to get away in the great outdoors. Hike or ride horseback along scenic desert trails....

Relax and Recharge

Spas & Luxury

Everybody knows a vacation can reinvigorate you. What if a vacation could change your life? Arizona spas are some of the best in the world,...


Food & Drink

It’s a question that perpetually comes up at least once a day and maybe more: “Where do you want to eat?” Well, we’ve got answers—multiple ones!...

Get Inspired

Stories & Ideas

Let these articles, written by travelers and Arizona’s best travel writers, inspire you to embark on your own adventure. These inside...

Events & Festivals in Arizona

Find out what's happening

Jan 27-31


455 N Galvin Parkway
Phoenix, Arizona 85008

Jan 29-31

Camp Bouse UTV Fest

Bouse, Arizona

Feb 07

Ag to Art Market: Feeding the Body & Soul

SE Parking Lot off Giss & Madison Roundabout
Yuma, Arizona 85364

Feb 19-21

Saguaro UTV Fest

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